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   Brigit: An Introduction  

   Brigit the Goddess

   Brigit the Saint

   Brigit in Wales: Sant Ffraid 

   Sarasvati, Brigit and the Sacred Word

   Brigit as Goddess of the Dawn  New


  Other Articles of mine On-line 

   Healing in the Celtic World -

   (from the e-book, 'Land, Sea and Sky')

   Imbolc in Wales

   Welsh Harvest Customs

   Welsh Customs for Calan Haf


Posts about Brigit on my Blog

The Way of Brigit: Towards a Post-Christian Paganism

The Story of Brigit at Christmas

Tending Brigit's Flame 

St Brigid's Crosses

Images of St Brigit in Wales


Blog Posts on other Celtic-related Subjects

Gŵyl Ifan: A Welsh Midsummer Festival 

Kings, Druids and Trees: the Virtue of Steadfastness in Audacht Morainn

Hags, Cranes and Hammers

Sour-Apple Hag, a Winder of String 



Concerning Cernunnos: Part 1

Concerning Cernunnos: Part 2

Concerning Cernunnos: Part 3


Personal Journeys

Pilgrimage to the Hag of Beara


Work in Progress

The Cauldron of Poetry

Of Disability and Beechnuts: a quest for the source of the Boyne


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